My creative journey started as I grew older and began to notice more and more about my environment and the beauty within, I knew there had to be a way to capture and express the way I saw and experienced the world through my mind's eye. Even the simplest of activities could take on a life of their own, as a child, I used to watch the clouds for hours, watching as they created various forms and shapes. I was mesmerized by the shapes and patterns of the leaves on the trees, even the frost patterns on a window.  I was captivated by the details of the petals of flowers, found it interesting how the many colors of houses and trees blended together as they swept past the car window. It was then I realized I wanted, not just wanted, I had a burning desire to capture all this beauty and joy of life itself on canvass.  


When thinking of what I wanted to study at the university this was an easy decision for me, I instinctively knew I wanted to be an artist, I chose a popular art institute (university) in Moscow. Having graduated with honor of having "the Red Diploma", (very similar to graduating with honors in other countries)   After graduation, I felt compelled to continue my studies in Spain, the homeland of such great artists as Dali, Picasso, and Miro. 


I lived in Barcelona for 8 years, during which I had the distinct privilege to study with a few brilliant, well-known Spanish artists. This time was invaluable for me, as I learned so much, and gained a deeper level of knowledge and experiences that shaped who I was to become as an artist.  During this time I also started practicing yoga and meditation, this is where I discovered a new magical outlook and perspective that brought my skills, and knowledge to whole new heights. 


This new perspective led me to stop consciously choosing the subjects for my paintings, rather I allowed the universe to flow through me, as I felt Higher Forces prompting me through images in my mind.  My painting then took on a whole new life of their own as I allowed this new found connection and freedom to enter into my art. 


From 2010 to 2015, I participated in many exhibitions in Barcelona. My artwork gained considerable recognition as it was exhibited on display in famous galleries such as New Art Gallery in Paseo de Gracia, Ford Road Gallery Gothic District.


In 2013, I had achieved my first big milestone when my first personal exhibition took place in the Rosa Blanca gallery, Barcelona. Then in 2015, my artwork was exhibited at one of the most significant art shows in Biarritz, France.  In 2016, I   had three of my pieces on display in the Art Biennale in Venice, Italy with critical acclaim. 


I am blessed knowing that some of my paintings are significant pieces kept in private collections in Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, the United States.


In 2016I was honored to be accepted into "The Union of Professional Artists of Russia" and I was honored to get in the rating of professional Artists of Russia in the category "5B - Professional Artist".Same 2016I was awarded a gold medal for first place in the significant competition of artist "Art. Excellence. Awards" 


In 2016 after Biennale I moved to New York, where my new creative life began. After 2 months in New York, I then relocated to Miami where I participated in 2 exhibitions in prominent galleries.  After a year in Miami, I then relocated to Los-Angeles where I set up my new creative art studio where had my artwork on display for 2 and a half years.  I painted portraits and landscapes to order, collaborating with galleries at West Hollywood Artist Corner, took part in local exhibits, including in the prestigious star community Hidden Hills, which home to Kardashian family, Mike Myers, Jennifer Lopez.


In 2018I’ve painted commission portrait for a movie “Live me” and I provided seven of my paintings for the shooting.This is a story about artists, love, and passion. About furniture, new technologies, performances. The movie has been shown in Warner Bros. movie theatre in Los Angeles in 2019.


Currently, I live in San Diego, where I continue to my art.  My unique perspective in my artworks combines realism with abstract. My paintings always have a touch of Impressionism. This is my vision of the world, my universe, which I want to share with my audience. I do not give a description or definition for my pictures, I always leave innuendo and wish everyone who takes a look at my artwork to interpret it in his/her own way, discovering something personal that touches the heart and souls of everyone who sees it, always something new and beautiful, and unique to each individual.  


I love to paint landscapes, horses, flowers, and portraits have become my real passion recently.


A simple photo cannot show the true essence of a person.  I have discovered that through me a portrait can be striking, touching, deeply felt as a reflection of a soul on canvas, the way I as an artist sees you. The most beautiful and magical aspect of my artwork is to capture the divine in everyone and reflect it in the picture.